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A Year Gone! What Next? November 29, 2009

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A Year Gone! What Next? TERRORISM:- The most shocking episode that traumatized Mumbai on 26th November 2008, jut to think of the whole even that occurred, 10 odd militants holding the city of Mumbai to random for 3-4 days. One year later and a few thoughts which puzzles every Indian’s mind. Where out so called adorable Amchi Mumbai leader, seems like they are in hibernation, its better for them to shift base to the North Pole where there will be no Bhayas nor Maratha’s. If there are so concerned about Mumbai and the citizens living in, come forth and take this as a agenda and fight terrorism rather than fighting within, which only leads to a religious war. One feels that the attack brought out the best in Mumbai, all the rich, famous, and so called Bollywood superstars were out in the open blasting the terrorist’s, but where were all this hype and hoopla when the common man were blown in local trains, where were these so called rich and famous then, why were they not part of any condolence rallies during those times, is this all because the terrorist showed that its not only the common man but the rich and famous too who are on their agenda, its really shameful that we Indians wait for our time to come and then only react. Where were all these Politicians, Celebrities, Bollywood stars when we have riots & blasts in Mumbai, Gujarat burned, why forget the Churches that were destroyed and Christians religious leaders attacked by some fanatics, why were the voices then silent? A few resignations, changes in the ruling party Head, but don’t we all feel cheated that this is a simple way of saying ‘don’t hold me responsible’, I have resigned after the incident because me and my party failed, but the question is that when have they ever passed, they have been failing time and again and still they held their heads high. Its time for a total change in Indian Politics, the old and corrupt Ministers who are still holding their seats must go, technically most of them cannot hold themselves to the ground. RACISM:- Why don’t we first look into out own Country, and understand where did this all start! Indian in India are easy targets to racism, (all in the name of caste, creed, etc) where one politician just for a few seats divides the country into many portions. When the issue of Religion or Statesman comes isn’t that racism, then why react when countries like Australia (to name one among many) take advantage. What has the government done to stop this attacks (NOTHING). Our politicians are just busy en cashing in thing that interest them, when will someone start thinking of India and Indians. Don’t you all think that the time is come for a better India. We are the best in all ‘walks of life’ then why not take our India to ‘The Next Level’, where there will be 1 billion minds working together for the greatest India. When one sits back to think of India and the greatness its has, one cannot forget the ’92-’93 riots, bomb blasts, we say that India is a country which has no caste nor creed, I beg to differ, this country is full of caste and creed minded people, that too not nation wise but state wise. I don’t mean to hurt anyone sentiments but, ”Its time for every Indian, rich or poor, famous or not, to think! before they caste their valuable vote, as its they who elect and give power to a handful of corrupt leaders who in return give the entire nation all types of scars and wounds in the name of Caste or Creed.”



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