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My Name Is Sachin TENDULKAR March 2, 2010

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This is what the Living Legend had to say after getting the MOM (man of the match): I dedicate this knock to all the people of India, who have supported me throughout over the last 20 years. I was timing the ball well, and I felt that anywhere between 340 to 350 was a good target. I thought Karthik, Yusuf and Dhoni supported me well. I thought that a 200 would be possible once I crossed 175 in the 42nd over. I am enjoying my cricket at the moment. There have been a few bad decisions I have made as a batsman, but as long as the passion is there I will carry on. It feels good that I lasted the 50 overs, it was a good test of my fitness and I would like to do this once again.

Born in a middle class household to Prof. Ramesh Tendulkar, gold medal winning Marathi literature, professor and poet.  Amid all famous Marathi celebrities &  writers in the western suburbs of Bandra, about six kms from Mumbai’s famed Shivaji Park, boasts of respected names in Marathi literature like Gangadhar Gadgil, Arvind Gokhale, VP Kale, KJ Purohit, Shrinivas Bhange, Vrinda Karandikar, MV Rajadakshya and Vijaya Rajadakshya.
Patrakar Nagar, residence to some household names in Indian journalism. And not very far away from the two societies, is a modern fortress housing firebrand politician Bal Thackeray.
“As a child, Sachin’s would spend the entire day on the play ground and would hate coming home for his noon meals and nap. He was very difficult to handle at times. Sometimes my grandmother or mother would tie one of his legs to a wooden bench and attend to their house work, like of Bal Krishna!”
Even before he dropped out of college in pursuit of non-academic excellence, the boy had raised visions of becoming an icon and in the years to come attained Demi-God status. Amitabh Bachchan joined in the hosannas to say: آ“Sachin (Tendulkar) is the heartbeat of our nation. The country breathes every time he goes out to play and when he is out, the country stops breathing.آ”
Humility and credibility have remained Tendulkarآ’s strongest allies from his days as a non-entity to a super celebrity. I have watched him from close quarter right from his school days and never once I have seen him behave in an insensitive or arrogant manner. Now that is something not easy when you are a megastar.

 آ“He seeks blessings at the feet of all the family elders and Achrekar Sir before embarking on a tour. And he never forgets to buy things for every single family members when he returns back from the tour. Another endearing quality about him is that he never gets angry.آ”
Ajit Tendulkar (the brother who shaped Sachinآ’s cricketing fortunes) says “I have never heard Sachin complain about anything written against him. He takes everything written about him in his stride آ– be it good or bad. He allows nothing to affect him.
One of the biggest factors that vouch for his credibility was at the height of the match-fixing scandal it was said that the betting mafia would not fix odds till Tendulkar was dismissed.
The same Shiv Sena, whose leaders questioned Tendulkar’s loyalty to Maharashtra following the remark, wants to felicitate the star for making Mumbai and the state proud. They also want the Centre to confer the Bharat Ratna on him.

Not stopping at this, the Sena also supported a suggestion made by its ally, BJP, for setting up a gallery dedicated to the star in Mumbai. Prabhu, in fact, demanded that budgetary allocations to identify a place and set up a gallery showcasing the batsman’s achievements be made in the coming fiscal.

Tendulkar’s celebrations, a couple of glances to the heavens, no doubt to thank his peers in the vast pantheon of Hindu gods, were more muted than those around him.


With over a billion citizens, most of them cricket-obsessives, India exerts a crushing pressure on its cricketers. As the country’s central idol, Tendulkar is the most worshipped batsman in world cricket, a potentially overwhelming force should such distractions ever have caught his eye. They say that when Tendulkar bats India stops, which may be why they haven’t yet taken over the global economy.

Over a glittering career only his time as India’s captain can be deemed a failure. Not a natural leader, he struggled to command others as he commanded himself. But bossing bowlers, well, that it his speciality and that could continue for a good while yet.




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