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Priest stabbed to death with pair of scissors Sandhya Nair | TNN Mumbai: May 3, 2010

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This article in Times of India by Sandhya Nair, was really shocking, where is the law and order gone, why is it that Priests/Nuns are being attacked and the Government is doing nothing. Its time for us to rise are voice our opinions, before its too late……

 In an almost unheard of incident in and around Mumbai in recent years,a 77-year-old priest was brutally murdered in Vasai (west).Father Peter Bombachas body was found lying in a pool of blood,with a huge pair of scissors stuffed in his mouth,in the corridor of his first-floor residence at Koliwada,Barampur,by a local doctor early on Thursday morning.He had retired from priesthood and was running an ashram called Mira Swethasramatha at Bamboo House,also in Vasai (west). The ground floor of the premises houses a chapel where villagers gather every morning for prayers.Bombacha,who had the keys to the chapel,would drop them from his window to the parishioners below.On Thursday,at around 5.45 am,when the villagers called out to Bombacha for the keys,they got no response;the iron gate leading to his flat was also locked.The parishioners assumed that he had gone out on work,and conducted the service outside the chapel. Around 7.30 am,a local doctor who was visiting the priest found the body in the corridor of his flat.The Vasai police said the killer/s had attacked him with a pair of scissors;there were injury marks on the body.The motive for the murder is not yet known,said senior inspector Rajendra Naik. He Was A Healer And A Counsellor There have been three cases of priests being murdered in Mumbai during the last 50 years.The first was Father Dourado who was attacked by a gang in Uttan in the sixties,the second was Fr Austin Cerejo,who was allegedly killed by his cook in Parel in 1991.Fr Peter Bombacha,popularly called Fr Peter,was also a spiritualist and a traditional healer who drew crowds to his ashram in Vasai.He was born in a traditional local Catholic family in Koliwada and was ordained a priest in 1970.Fr Joe Pereira of Kripa Foundation said,He would spend hours listening to their tales of suffering and would counsel them.He would combine his knowledge with local medical practices..I have seen many patients who have been cured come to him and thank him, said Fr Francis Britto who pointed out that many people who were alcoholics came to him for help.





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